You Got To Be Startin’ Somethin’

Welcome to my blog about 3d Printing in the Memphis/MidSouth area. I have been a 3D printing enthusiast for several years and have built several printers along the way. My first was a Prusa i2 variant as seen in my “FrankenPrusa Lives” video (please excuse the “scary”/annoying music, I was trying to be “artistic” and failed miserably):

Shortly after it made its first couple of prints, I tore it completely down and built an i3 variant, but still kept the FrankenPrusa moniker. This one can be seen in action in this timelapse where I was printing the parts for my third printer build, a mini Kossel (a delta/triangular) variant named FrankenKossel (sensing a pattern  here? The naming convention is a story I’ll save for another post):


However, I was not satisfied with the build – it was much harder to calibrate and just didn’t feel as solid, so I tore that down and have embarked on the construction of a new printer – the G&C CoreXY printer by Filipe Campos that I am naming FrankenCore. However, mine will be somewhat larger with a 300 mm^3 build volume, as opposed to the roughly 200mm^3 volume of Filipe’s original.

While this blog will detail the build, I will also be posting about other activities relating to 3D Printing in Memphis and Mid-South, starting with the first 3D Printer meetup being held on Wednesday, 3/23/2016 at the MidSouth Makers makerspace at 7:00pm. If you are interested, click here to sign up!

I will also be posting my opinions/reviews about different equipment and materials, my experiences and other thoughts about 3D printing. Also, I welcome any feedback you have – please email me at Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this blog!