It’s Time to Come Together!

On March 23rd, the first 3D Printer Meetup was held, sponsored by 3D Hubs. We had a great turnout with many different kinds of printers from a MendelMax 1.5 to a Lulzbot Taz 3D, a couple of Chinese kits and my own (in)famous FrankenPrusa (parts sourced and built on my own, like the new printer build I’m chronicling in this blog). I know of several people with a Delta-style printer like a mini Kossel or Rostock and would like to get them to come out as well, as those are fascinating machines to watch print.

One of the nice things was attracting users who did not have a printer of their own, but were interested in the technology. This hobby can seem daunting to the uninitiated, but it really is not and demystifying it is one of the goals of this meetup, and I am glad to say that, at least for a few people, we were able to meet that goal.

One of the other goals was to learn from each other, and we were able to do that as well. We looked at each others’ printers (and drooled at the dual-head Taz ), picked up some tips and techniques (and generally marveled at how FrankenPrusa was able to print with a loose frame, angled x-axis motor and general unfinished look). It was a great night and I met some really awesome people. I really look forward to another one soon – and hopefully I’ll have FrankenCore completed and ready to show off!